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2012 Retreat

2012- Women Warriors and The Cowgirls Retreat
Cement Stepping Stones- 1
You hit me with edggs
Cowgirl Games
Cowgirl Games.-1jpg
Cowgirl Food Line
Cement Stepping Stones
Cowgirl Food Line. - 1jpg
Cement Stepping Stones- 2
Breakfast Sunday at the grange
Cowgirl Lunch.- 1jpg
Cowgirl Games.-2
Cowgirl Lunch.- 2
Cowgirl Lunch.- 3
Cowgirl Lunch
Cowgirl Puppy
Creating dreamcatchers
Drawing horses class
dream catchers
Down the road
Drawing horses class - 1
Cutting metal signs with plasma tourch
Cutting metal signs with plasma tourch -1
Creating herb gardens
Dutch Oven Cooking
Father daughter veterans on horseback
Finished dream catchers
Father daughter veterans on horseback - 1
Fly Fishing -1
Fly Fishing
Horse love
Horse love -1
Heading for the Horse Pasture in the HorseCart
Happy riders
Happy riders. -1jpg
hands - the sign of friendship
great stepping stones
Learning the fine art of massage
Learning the Art of Being a Cowgirl
Learning about chickens and bunnies
Learning to make pots
Lots of time to talk
leraning how to cook with herbs
Lou Ratcliffe Teaching a Growing Herbs Class
Meeting the troops
Metal signs and herb gardens for home
Mary Vernor joined us
massage. -1jpg
Making new friends
Making dream catchers
New Friends -1
New Friends -3
New horse friends - 1
New Friends
New Friends -2
New horse friends
Nice day for riding
Pottery -2
Painting Pottery
Perfect raku form
Pottery -1
Pictures of baby horses
Over bridges
Off to the parade
Pottery -3
Proud metal projects
Proud Potter
Proud new metal cutting project
Raku Firing - 1
Riding -2
Raku Glazing
Riding - 1
Raku Glazing -2
Raku Glazing -1
Raku Firing
Raku Firing - 2
Riding - 3
Riding -4
Riding the ponies
Riding the range -1
Riding Horses
Roping classes
stepping stones -1
See you tomorrow
Scrapbooking -2
Scrapbooking -1
Roping dragons
Riding the range
The Famous Cowgirl Egg Throw
The Green Bluff Grange Cooking Crew
The healthy cooking class
The vet mobile
The heart of the warrior
Through the obstacles
Time to head for the parade
Walk in the Woods
Up on the tire
Up the road to the ranch
Unloading for the day
Tractor driving classes
Top of the tire
Singing Cadence
stepping stones
Sustainable Gardening
The back of a horse
The Famous Cowgirl Egg Throw -1
The Famous Cowgirl Egg Throw -2
The cooking with herbs class
Horse instructions
horse kisses
How to tie a Cowgirl Bandana
Journal writing with Nance
Kick ball
Learning about chickens and bunnies. -1jpg
Learning massage
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