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Salute the Women Warriors

Female Veterans who Served our Country and Defended our Cowgirl way of life.


Celebrate the Freedom to be an American Woman
Independence to be a Cowgirl, the Spirit to blaze a trail of life and style.

Participate in Teamwork and Camaraderie

with campfires, planting, pottery,
arts & crafts and horses experience acceptance and acknowledgement.

Cowgirl History

It all started with a few Cowgirls in Spokane, Washington who wanted to make a difference.
So they held a retreat for Women Warriors who had been wounded while serving our country. The retreat was a success, so they had another one... and another...and then started this non-profit group:

Cowgirls and Women Warriors, a Benefit for Female Veterans

Cowgirls and Women Warriors™ is a non-profit organization that supports weekend retreats
to provide hope, health, healing, and other nurturing programs for female veterans.
This one-of-a-kind, grassroots program started with the dreams of a few Spokane-area Cowgirls who combined their talents to create the first program of its kind nationwide!

Retreats are open to all female veterans in the northwest at no cost.
The events focus on activities relevant to the specific needs of returning female veterans; ranging from horseback rides, hikes, raku-fired pottery, and down-to-earth sustainable gardening, to soulful cooking, massage, and relaxing around the campfire. You can even learn to lasso a small dragon! Women have a chance to relax and connect with others who share their healing needs and armed-service experiences. These weekend retreats have grown over the years and have helped many women.

Cowgirls and Women Warriors is on the cutting edge of the national attention focused on the readjustment needs of our women veterans.

Did You Know

Did you know?

* There are nearly 2 million female veterans in the USA and over 60,000 from Washington State alone!

* Over 25,000 women from our area have served just since 9/11.

* In 2010, the unemployment rate of female veterans was 11.2 percent 
compared to 9.4 percent of male veterans. (Bureau of Statistics)

* Female veterans report an average of seven years to become fully acclimated to civilian life upon return from deployment. (Business and Professional Women's Foundation, Women Veterans in Transition report.)

* The risk of homelessness for female veterans is 3.6 times more likely than non-veteran women. (Robert Rosenbeck, Director of Veteran Affairs )

* Many veterans come home wounded, whether or not their injuries are visible.

We believe all veterans deserve healing services. 
These women fought for our freedoms and
freedom we cannot take for granted.
Please help us support and thank them.

 How can you help?

We are always looking for volunteers to help staff the retreat weekends, sponsors to underwrite events and programs, and donations so the women can attend events at no cost to the veteran. 

Please contact us if you would like to become involved. (See Contact Us page.)


Donations may be Tax Deductible

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