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Tributes & Honors

Thank you Tribute, Allison Orth from Nicolle

Thanks for Serving, Lucy. (Marines, 2008-12)

Hey Cassi, Great Job! (Air Force, 2008-12)


Send a Tribute to those who have served! Your donation gives you an opportunity to acknowledge a female veteran on our website. Honor your mother, daughter, sister, friend, or other specific female veteran with your donation. 


To post a Tribute:


* Make a donation of at least $10 by using one of our easy payment options:

* Checks payable to Cowgirls and Women Warriors can be mailed to: 
PO Box 28854, Spokane, WA 99228. 

* Credit card and PayPal payments can be made using the Donate button below.


*Create your message. Tributes should be a maximum of three lines. be sure to include the first name of the veteran, her branch of military service, and the years she served. Photos of veterans also accepted!*

*Send your tribute message to info@benefitavet or mail it to our PO Box.

* We will post your tribute online.

*Emails and photos sent to the Cowgirls and Women Warriors serve as authorization to post pictures along with tributes online. Email for more information.  

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